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Services & Prices

Beyond the many environmental benefits, a natural burial can also be less costly than a conventional burial with embalming, expensive caskets and concrete vaults. Additionally, your purchase will support the conservation efforts and educational programs of The Wilderness Center.


Prices do not include the cost of transportation and funeral home fees

Interment Rights with Advance Planning Discount   –   $3,200
Interment Rights   –   $4,000
Second Right of Interment   –   $250

Scattering of Cremated Remains   –   $250

One full casket; one full casket and one cremains; or two cremains are permitted on each site.

Preparation fee due at the time of interment. This fee cannot be paid in advance.

Full Casket Preparations
Mon – Fri business hours-   $1,000
Mon – Fri evening hours–   $1,250
Saturdays  –   $1,250
Holidays   –   $1,500

Cremated Remains Burial Preparations
Mon – Fri business hours –   $500

No interments will be scheduled on Sundays, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day,
Independence Day or New Years Day.


Installment Plan Fee   –   $325

Memorial Locating and Inspection Fee   –   $150
Must meet requirements as set forth in cemetery rules and regulations;
waived if using preferred providers.

Transfer of Interment Rights   –   $100

Disinterment   –   $3,000
Archaeology fees may also apply.


Those making advance arrangements to purchase a cemetery space have the option to make payments over a 24-month installment plan. By opting for the installment plan, the base price of $3,200 can be divided into easy to manage monthly payments. This plan requires an up-front, non-refundable service fee of $325, plus the first month’s payment. These payments can be arranged to be automatically charged to your credit card, or submitted by personal check. Payments are due the first of every month, unless other arrangements are made.

We accept cash, check, and credit cards.