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When Death Occurs

For Immediate Assistance call 330.763.1331

We offer our sympathy and heartfelt condolences during this difficult time.
Please find an outline of next steps to help guide you through this process below.

When A Death Occurs

  • When a death occurs, contact the hospice nurse, physician, medical examiner or coroner, or sheriff’s department to certify the death
  • If it is the family’s, or the decedent’s, wish to work with a funeral home, contact your funeral home of choice for preferred services. If you need assistance in choosing a funeral home, we offer a comprehensive list of area funeral homes certified by the Green Burial Council
  • It is at this time that you will also notify the funeral home of your preference for a natural full-body burial. Funeral Directors should be instructed that embalming is not to be performed, the decedent should be dressed in natural fiber clothing, and the burial container must be biodegradable (either consisting of wood, wicker, pressed fiber, paperboard, or natural fabric)
  • You, or your funeral home of choice, will then contact Foxfield Preserve to complete some necessary paperwork and to arrange for the interment

When Cremation is Preferred

  • When cremation is preferred, the timeline post-death is more flexible
  • Foxfield Preserve offers the option of the scattering, or the interment, of cremains
  • Call us at 330.359.5235 to discuss your options

Choosing a Home Funeral

In the state of Ohio, you are not required to work with a funeral home. Contact the National Home Funeral Alliance for more information.

Foxfield Kindly Requests

  • The name of the deceased, as well as their birth and death dates
  • The funeral home of choice
  • Your preference for plot location (for at-need burials)
  • The number of family and friends expected at graveside services
  • Burial traditions or religious requirements we can accommodate
  • Choice of religious leader or celebrant (optional)

For Funeral Directors