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Our Staff

Sara Brink,
Foxfield Preserve Manager

Sara joined the Foxfield Preserve in 2012. During her tenure with the Preserve she has become deeply involved in promoting natural and conservation burial in the state of Ohio and across the nation.

In October 2015, Sara was named as one of the “Pioneering Women of Natural Death Care” in American Cemetery & Cremation magazine. She is a founding member of the national Conservation Burial Alliance, which was launched in 2018. Sara presented at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History Conservation Symposium in 2018, and at the Land Trust Alliance national Rally in 2019, encouraging conservationists to embrace natural burial as a powerful tool for their cause.

Sara is honored to be able to serve families in our community as they struggle through one of the most difficult experiences of their lives, and to provide them with an appropriate farewell.

Bethany Ward,
Foxfield Preserve Associate

Bethany’s combination of knowledge and experience make her a valuable addition to the Foxfield Preserve. Bethany serves her community as an interfaith Spiritual Director and End-of-Life Midwife, helping to facilitate for others the intersection of conscious living and conscious dying. She is active in the death acceptance movement, inviting others to consider the dying process as an opening to become more present and loving, an occasion for profound healing, and an opportunity for participating fully in life. She is a Northeast Ohio Death Café hostess, member of Threshold Choir (a choral of woman who sing at the bedside of the dying), educator on conscious living and dying, and writer on final passing. She is honored to be able to further her sense of calling to this work at Foxfield Preserve, where she provides on-site support during interments and offers public presentations to community groups.

Barbara Yoder,
Foxfield Preserve Associate

Barbara became a member of TWC in 2007 when her family moved to Ohio, at which time she began regularly attending events with her then three and five year old children. Since that time Barbara has viewed TWC as an essential support in raising her children with a love of Nature.

Barbara firmly believes in the power of nature to soothe and heal. Barbara has personally experienced the potential of the Foxfield Preserve to be a nurturing place for families, as she buried a family member in the Forest area in 2010.

Her professional career has covered projects in energy policy and research, government-led energy efficiency projects, and soil and water conservation. She has an interest in religious studies and anthropology. Barbara is an active volunteer: teacher and leader for a homeschool co-op, a poll worker, a member of the Education committee for The Wilderness Center, and costume manager for Ballet Wooster. She lives in Wooster with her husband and two children.