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Bird Drama

On an overcast day last week, I was taking a family up to Foxfield to choose their burial plot. Winter dealt a heavy blow to our country roads here, so our progress was slowed a bit to accommodate the bumpy terrain. A lucky thing for us, as it turns out, because it afforded us the time to notice a bright flash of red in the TWC forest edging Alabama Avenue. My companions exclaimed at the bright cardinal, but a second look proved that we were looking at two beautiful scarlet tanagers.

Scarlet Tanager

This has kicked off a week with the return of lots of beautiful birds to our area. Our naturalists and friends have been reporting sightings on our TWC property with excitement, as some of our favorites have been appearing. Over the last several days our naturalists and docents have returned to the Interpretive Building with news of warblers singing in our woods – common yellow warblers, a golden-winged warbler and cerulean warblers. One of our naturalists even spotted a barred owl while walking one of the trails!

female yellow warbler1You don’t even need to venture far from the Interpretive Building to spot some of the new arrivals. Near the Lakeview Shelter a yellow-breasted chat has been busily singing away. Our feeders were hosting a male and female grosbeak earlier this week. Our hummingbird feeder is finally seeing the return of the first hummingbirds of the summer, but has also been serving an oriole this week.


Up on the Preserve there are bluebirds nesting happily in our houses around the prairie. One momma is even sitting on 5 little eggs! My most recent stroll through the cemetery was even marked by the soundtrack of one of our many mockingbirds.

Bluebird Eggs

With all of this activity, our Mother’s Day Bird Watch this Saturday should be a very exciting event! All are welcome to join us – experienced birdwatchers and beginners alike. Bring your own binoculars (or borrow some of ours) and meet us at the TWC Interpretive Building at 9 a.m. There should be plenty of beautiful birds to see!