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Butterflies on the prairie

This past weekend we had our annual, late summer butterfly hike on the Foxfield prairie. Wilderness Center naturalist Lynda Price led a excited group of varying ages on a search for different species, identifying their favorite prairie plants along the way.IMG_3512_small

Our younger participants took over “hunting” duties, and caught us several butterflies and moths. We caught a cabbage white, a sulphur, and a pearl crescent. Lynda placed these in jars, so that everyone had an opportunity to examine them up close! Though we couldn’t catch them, we were able to observe a┬ámonarch and a black swallowtail from a distance.


Once everyone had a chance for an up-close encounter, Lynda showed us a great method for releasing our captives. Butterflies, who taste with their feet, will sit on a salty, sweaty nose on a warm August morning!


It was a wonderful morning on the Preserve. Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope to see you again next year!