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DIY Casket

When we hold our informational tours and speak with families each month, we usually have someone who will ask about building their own casket. The families that we work with are frequently looking for a simpler alternative, and the notion of handling this themselves is often very appealing.

Our answer is always an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ We have had wonderful experiences¬†with¬†families who have chosen to build their own caskets. While these containers are usually quite simple, they are always made with great care. Personal touches shine through in details that can provide great comfort to families.¬†

Previously we have shared plans for a DIY casket that can serve as a bookshelf until such time as it is needed. I love the notion that this piece of furniture can be put to use for years in your home – holding your precious books and keepsakes – until it is called to a new purpose.

Because of my affinity for this idea, I was very excited to hear that a member of our Foxfield family was going to be building his own. Dave Aubuchon and his wife Linda will one day be buried at Foxfield. Though Linda has chosen a shroud burial, Dave’s enthusiasm for woodworking made a wooden casket the natural choice. Dave was very mindful to ensure his casket was eco-friendly – no screws or nails, just nontoxic glue and joinery. He even worked to find a nontoxic stain.

Dave sent along these photos of the beautiful finished product, now in use in their home. It is a lovely example of the options available to our families.