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Earth Day – Give Back

This year, because of the way Easter falls on the calendar, the Wilderness Center will be celebrating Earth Day on April 12. In the spirit of education, outreach and activism in which the event was founded in 1970, TWC events will cover a wide variety of topics to inform visitors and encourage them to embrace and protect our natural world. The line-up looks pretty exciting!


We’ll learn about the wildlife around us during a bird walk to kick off the day, and by going on naturalist lead walks throughout the day to look for turtles, snakes and salamanders. Kids (and their parents) will have the chance to take part in an interactive story walk winding along the trail to the Wilderness Lake. The Backpackers and Hikers Club will be providing demonstrations to encourage us to join them in exploring the natural world. The Nature Photo Club will be displaying the beautiful entries in their annual Foto Fest contest – and you don’t want to miss your chance to vote for your favorites!

Earth Day clean-up crews will be busy throughout the day doing their part to remove litter and invasive species from TWC’s grounds. This year awareness of invasive species will also take a delicious turn with a garlic mustard cook-off. Hey, maybe we’ll beat ‘em by eating ‘em! I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the recipes that folks come up with!

Gary eats Garlic Mustard

(They’re sure to be tastier than Gary’s!)

In the midst of all these events celebrating our world, we’ll be offering a presentation on the ultimate way to give back to the earth – natural burial. We’ll have a presentation on natural burial and then go tour the Foxfield Preserve.


It should be an amazing day! See you there!