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Exploring and making memories

In my last blog post “Exploring with Dad,” I talked about how much I learned from the little adventures I used to take in the woods with my father. Last weekend at Foxfield, we had a chance to share the adventure of the journey with people attending our Father’s Day Exploration Hike.

Our attendees enjoyed a lovely, sunny morning stroll through the Preserve with TWC volunteer naturalist, Sam Weaver. The group, which included 3 fathers and their sons, identified the wildflowers blooming on the prairie and enjoyed watching the tree swallows swooping overhead after various insects. We spied on fledgling bluebirds in the boxes along the edges of the prairie (aren’t they adorable little naked things?!), and learned about the incredible dramas unfolding within a goldenrod gall.


It was an excellent day for learning and exploring – and for making memories.