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Exploring with Dad

When I was little, there was nothing better than heading into the woods or fields with my father for a little exploring. Though he may have intended to hunt for morels or arrowheads, we girls usually ended up searching for fairies beneath the may apples or building dams in the stream. Though we all usually came back empty-handed, it was the exploration and all we experienced along the way that was the highlight of the day.

I see that excitement now in my son, as he eagerly pulls out his boots and asks Daddy or Grandpa to take him on a ‘venture in the woods. I recognize the joy of setting out to see what you can discover, knowing that the search will be your reward.

Creek4Aside from many special moments spent with my father, these walks also taught me many things. I learned that you need to take time to find joy in the journey; something I am constantly reminded of in my work at Foxfield. These hikes also encouraged me to continue developing my curiosity and adventurous spirit, as the most wonderful discoveries rewarded the inquisitive and bold (along with wet shoes and dirty pants – but those were a small price to pay).

While there are many gifts and lessons our fathers may impart, these are the ones I will be celebrating this year. What will you celebrate in your relationship with your father?

This year we’ll be hosting an Exploration Hike at Foxfield this Saturday at 10 a.m. in honor of Father’s Day. If you would like to experience the joy of this journey, please join us to see what you might find along the way!