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Holiday distractions

It is so easy to get caught up in the details – especially at the holidays. So easy to let little, insignificant things take up more importance and attention than they should.

I have a particularly hard time with this, allowing small concerns to cloud my mind. Did I get my in-laws the right gift? Who did I forget to send a holiday card – and will they be offended? It won’t be the holidays without my grandma’s wonderful fudge – but when will I have time to make it? Sure, all these little things add to our holiday spirit. But they can also distract us from the bigger picture.

fudgeWith my head full of little distractions, I recently headed up to the Preserve to prepare for a burial. A light December snow floated around me on the chilly breeze as I worked to clear the undergrowth on this particular plot. A few unseen birds were giving off busy little chirps to accompany my solitary work, though their chatter was muted by the falling snow. As time passed in this peaceful stillness, my own frivolous distractions faded from my mind. They were replaced with thoughts of the family who would soon be making use of this plot to bid farewell to a loved one.

In viewing the losses of the families I serve, I am always reminded to be more grateful for every moment we have together. These burial preparations, as we approach the holiday season, reminded me that the time we have together is what should be cherished most this time of year. This holiday season, I must make sure to tell everyone how much I care – and I encourage you all to do the same. I urge you to reflect on your blessings, and all that you have to be thankful for. I am grateful to be able to serve all of our Foxfield families, and for this wonderful understanding they have imparted in me.