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Inspiring “My Wish”

Today I received an email from a woman who had recently visited the Foxfield Preserve. She had been considering green burial for several years, and had finally come to visit the location to determine if this option suited her. Following her visit, she felt inspired to write down her reflections on her decision:

My Wish

Lay me under
The forest floor
Let lost leaves cover me
And chipmunks be my guardians
Let summer trees whisper lullabies
And wild violets be my memorial
In this place
Let me rest
Let the rain percolate
And release my flesh
To return to that which nourished my soul
Allow me to repay
All that was taken
Do not encumber me with chemicals, concrete, or coffin
Let my organic self restore
And my spiritual self rejoice
For Nature
Inspired me
To reside in its Glory
My wish

Barbara L. Acker
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Barbara! We are so very pleased to know that we have inspired such lovely thoughts, and we endeavor to fulfill your wish.