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Leaving a mark

One recent afternoon I enjoyed a quiet walk through the Preserve. Following a recent snowfall, there was a blanket of fresh snow covering everything. As I crunched along the trails, it seemed a shame to disrupt the sparkling beauty with my footprints.

Deer tracksAs I looked around, though, it became clear that I was not the only one leaving my mark here. A pair of deer had been snacking on some flowers left by mourners following a recent burial. The tracks of a rabbit meandered near the edges of the tall grasses on the prairie. A solitary set of footprints had been left by a visitor, along with the brush strokes where they cleared snow from the stone marker of a loved one.

It occurred to me as I walked, that we all left our mark as we passed through. The impressions that we leave behind tell a story. They can describe who we were and what we cared for.

It is impossible to move through this life without leaving a mark behind you; in the people you meet, in the choices you make, in all of your actions. These impressions you leave behind you will add to your story. As we all walk through the beautiful wilderness of our lives, my greatest hope is that we may all strive to leave marks behind that speak of our values and add to the beauty of this life.