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Life on the Preserve

This past weekend we hosted a Mother’s Day Bird Walk on the Foxfield Preserve. It was a spectacular morning, with warm breezes and bright sunny skies.

BirdWalk2015Our purpose was bird-watching and we viewed plenty of bluebirds, song sparrows, common yellow-throated warblers, a turkey vulture, and scores of red-winged blackbirds. We caught glimpses of a prairie warbler, and, though we heard them, the white-eyed and red-eyed vireo played a good game of hide and seek with us.

TreeSwallowBluebirdIn addition to the birds flitting through the air, we were also able to witness a nest full of young bluebirds who were only about 3-5 days old! Aren’t they adorable little naked things?! Can’t wait to see them fledging in a few weeks.


A sharp pair of eyes also uncovered a small tree frog in the grasses near one of our bluebird houses on the edge of the prairie! Examining the grasses and flowers gave us the opportunity to even learn a bit more about the vegetation on the prairie, and the habitat that it provides for so many living things.


Thanks to attendee Laura Davis for sharing these beautiful images taken during the hike!