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New Year’s resolutions

As we celebrate the passing of another year, remembering what has come and gone and looking forward to the year to come, many of us will be making New Year’s resolutions. For lots of us those resolutions are pretty generic – eat better, lose weight, try to find more time for healthy hobbies. And if you’re anything like me, many of those resolutions will be forgotten by the time February rolls around.

Well this year, I’d like to encourage you to consider a different approach to your New Year’s resolution. Make a resolution for the ones you love. The ones you will, one day, leave behind.

In my work here at the Foxfield Preserve, I’ve seen people stunned by sudden loss. The greatest denial within our culture is the belief that we will always have more time. More time to make plans. More time to share with our families. More time to say what we need to say. It always seems like there will be more time – until there isn’t.

MoreTimeSo this year I encourage you to resolve to take hold of your time. Don’t hold back from those you love. Be open and honest. Be certain that if your time together were to end tomorrow there would be nothing left unsaid. Make plans for the day when your time will stop. Get your will, advance directives and end-of-life plans in place – no matter your age or the state of your health. Relieving your family of the responsibility of these arrangements frees them to deal with their grief during a time of loss – it is one of the greatest gifts you can give to those you love. There is a great website that offers free instructions to help you get started down this path of preparation. They even offer a monthly email to help you take on this task a little bit at a time.

A resolution to plan proactively and make the most of your time here may seem daunting. But it will provide you with more satisfaction than any other resolution you may make this year. And, unlike that gym membership, you won’t be regretting the decision in February.