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Ohio Cemetery Law Task Force

We’ve been honored to be involved this year with the work of the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Real Estate as their newly formed Cemetery Law Task Force endeavors to review and revise the cemetery laws for the state. To their credit, the Cemetery Law Task Force has done a wonderful job of inviting testimony from and considering the concerns of many interested parties – tribal councils, archaeologists, genealogists, historians, cemeterians, local municipalities and veterans affairs, among many others.

While we don’t know what the results of their efforts and hearings will be, we are very encouraged at the interest the Task Force has shown in natural burial. We have been happy to provide testimony of our concerns and to share information on our operations.

Though the Task Force will not release their recommendations until October, it is possible for anyone interested to follow along with their progress through their meeting minutes posted on their website. We will pass along any pertinent changes here as they are announced.