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Planting & “Oom-pah” on the Prairie

We were met with a chilly, rainy day for our 4th annual Planting Day at the Preserve. The less-than-favorable weather kept away all but the heartiest souls. These few brave, cheerful souls did add some lovely native selections to the plots of their loved ones and have added to the beauty of the Preserve.

The highlight of the day for me occurred when we were working over in the forest section and heard strains of music carried across the prairie. We followed the sound to investigate and found a large family enjoying a picnic lunch at the graveside of their mother and grandmother. As this family installed some lovely wildflowers around their mother’s grave, they were also serenading the surrounding wildlife with some of her favorite “oom-pah” music. A native of Germany, she had chosen her location on the hillside because the yellow wildflowers and the views of gently rolling hills “reminded her of the old country.” The nod to her heritage seemed like a wonderful tribute to enjoy as they picnicked overlooking those hills.

While the turn-out was more sparse than in the past, it was so wonderful to have the opportunity to visit with these families. Thank you to all who participated!