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Reflections on a Year at Foxfield

This week I am acknowledging the one-year anniversary of my employment with Foxfield Preserve. With each dramatic change of season, I have felt more connected to its beautiful landscape. With each family I have had the privilege to encounter, I am more stirred by the peace and serenity that Foxfield offers those who seek its beautiful prairie meadows and tranquil forest.

As a co-steward to Foxfield Preserve, I have come to understand that we do more than care for the beauty of this natural setting. Within communion with the natural world, our families may experience comfort among its grasses and hillsides, allowing for a moment of solace for their aching hearts.

Foxfield Preserve has invited me to engage differently with the world. With every visit I have made to the Preserve, I have seen life abound. Whether it’s the flap of butterfly wings, a birdsong, a new bloom, or the scurry of a woodland animals, life is ever present at Foxfield. This awareness has inspired me to walk gently while I tend to the landscape.

Foxfield Preserve has also invited me to walk more softly beyond its borders. In my day-to-day life, I have become more appreciative of my friends and family. I am inspired to take a more mindful and contemplative approach to my day, and have become slow to anger and quick to forgive.

By reconnecting with the natural rhythms of life, I have found my own place of belonging within the complex web of existence. By co-stewarding Foxfield Preserve, I am privileged to offer something truly meaningful to others. I am proud to be a part of a growing movement that not only values environmental stewardship but service to its community.

Be well,