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Serving generations

Last Saturday we threw a birthday party for The Wilderness Center. Founder’s Day was a chance for us to celebrate 50 years serving our community!


In addition to the festivities (what party is complete without ice cream?!), we shared historical photos and stories from our 50 years, and our hopes and dreams for where the next 50 years will take us together.

It also proved to be a chance to celebrate our shared histories with our members and friends. We were delighted that so many of our members were eager to share their memories and experiences from the past 5 decades. RegulaFoundersDay14_smallIt was amazing to hear from our original founders and those that grew up exploring these trails – including our current board president, Andy Haag, whose parents were founding members!


Knowing that we have been a part of people’s lives for generations makes us incredibly proud.

During the celebration, a couple approached me for information about Foxfield Preserve. They have been married for 50 years and went on a walk in Sigrist Woods for their very first date. Over the years they brought children and grandchildren here for hikes and programs. They told me that now, though they can’t hike the trails like they used to, they enjoy watching the birds in the Wildlife Observation Room. Now they are interested in burial at Foxfield, knowing that they will spend eternity where they first began to fall in love.

What an honor to be a touchstone in the lives of others – to serve them from their earliest steps until the end of their days. It was a lovely celebration, and a wonderful reminder of what we have meant to the community and what we should continue to strive for in the future.