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Shelves for life

As you may or may not know, here at Foxfield Preserve we only allow the use of biodegradable burial containers. These can be woven sea grass or bamboo caskets, cardboard caskets, fabric burial shrouds, or plain wooden caskets.

The families that we work with are often seeking out an alternative that is simpler and more appropriate for how they’ve lived, with more opportunities for family involvement and personalization. I am often asked by the families that we serve if they might be able to build a casket themselves. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

To me, the bittersweet thought of building your own casket, or the casket of someone you love is a fairly romantic notion. It seems a real act of love and care. Then each sanding stroke would seem a caress, and each nail hammered in would be filled with meaning.

So when someone sent me a link to the description of these Shelves for Life created by designer William Warren, I was thrilled! This takes that beautiful notion of building your own casket one step further. Create a bookshelf that you will use everyday, which can then be transitioned to become your casket.shelvesforlife_WilliamWarren

I just love the idea of making my casket a useful piece of furniture. A piece of furniture that I would use and look at everyday. Bookshelves that would be full of the mementos of my life – favorite novels, family photos, heirloom china, special keepsakes. A piece of furniture that could hold my past and my future. It would be such a powerful reminder to embrace every beautiful fleeting moment. What do you think?