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Snacks on the Preserve

As a wildlife habitat, our nature preserve cemetery provides a home to many different creatures. Birds, butterflies, insects, rabbits, squirrels, foxes, deer and many others make their home here.┬áThese animals all find many things to enjoy on the Preserve. However, at this time of year they have a little competition – from me.

100_2705That is because the berries on the Preserve are beginning to ripen! We have lots of wild blackberries, and birds are eagerly ‘spreading’ seeds of black raspberries from our Amish neighbor’s cultivated plants. While the thorns of these plants are quite literally a pain for the rest of the year, for several weeks in July their sun-sweetened fruits do make-up for it. Nothing is better than eating sun-warmed berries right off the bush – it even makes up for the blood-loss and scratched limbs!