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The Beauty of a Swallowtail

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail resting on Joe Pye Weed
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail resting on Joe Pye Weed

Last week I had a very nice stroll through the Preserve with two friends who were both interested in learning a little more about green burial. I enjoyed chatting with them and answering their questions about natural burial and Foxfield. It was a lovely day (although HOT!).

Following the meeting I received an email from one of the women, Mary Benton, thanking me for my time. Attached was a beautiful photo of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail resting on Joe Pye Weed. She said “I’m sure you’ve seen the beauty (of the Preserve) many times over – but we can never see too much of it, can we?”

It was the perfect message – a reminder to soak in and savor the beauty around me each day. The reality is that it would be so easy to become so engrossed in daily activities that I miss the small moments around me. Even though I’m constantly surrounded by the reality¬†of how precious each moment can be, I still need reminders like this to pull back from mundane concerns and soak in these oh-so-fleeting glimpses of breathtaking beauty.

Let this also be your reminder – we are surrounded by magnificence each and everyday. Revel in it. Feel your part and place in it, with a grateful and humble heart.

Thank you, Mary, for the beautiful photo. I agree, I will never be able to see too much.