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Welcome Rhiannon

Awareness of the natural burial alternative continues to increase in our community, as has interest in the Foxfield Preserve. To meet growing demands for our services and continue our efforts as a leader in the green burial movement, we are happy to announce an addition to our staff!
Rhiannon Harte-Chance will be assisting family members in purchasing plots, offering public presentations to community groups and providing ecological research moving forward. Her first duty with us, however, was to introduce herself to our community here.

I was born to a military family in the U.K. and grew up in what was the era of ‘flower power’.  My Dad was a keen amateur entomologist and had a huge reference collection from British India where he spent his childhood. My maternal Grandfather on the other hand was a keen historian and took me on walks around the many pre-historic sites to be found near his home.  So I suppose you might say that my fate was inevitable!

I certainly enjoyed playing in the mud and collecting bugs and fossils when I was a little girl, and was once caught gleefully collecting dirty rocks and owl droppings in a tuck in my dress, telling a startled neighbor ‘it’s alright, Mummy can wash it’!

At school I volunteered on my first proper archaeological ‘dig’ and learned that it’s definitely not a career for those looking for the high-life!  After college I followed a family tradition and went into a career in the military, but continued my interest in the natural world and archaeology through clubs and volunteer groups.

While serving with NATO in Germany I was involved in the excavation of a mass-burial that was discovered in the woods not far from the site of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp; a salutary experience but one I feel privileged to have been involved with.

After returning to university to study for a post-graduate qualification and then a PhD I worked for a variety of different organizations undertaking research or managing multi-disciplinary projects. I was happiest when working at the interface between my two loves and studying the effects of humans on past environments; and soon started to extend my interest through volunteering with organizations like Earthwatch and collaborating with colleagues in UNESCO.

I’m really excited to be able to extend that passion into the present through my work at Foxfield Preserve, where I hope my expertise and experiences can be used to help people maximize their return to the natural cycle, joining all of those past generations.


Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Rhiannon as she becomes a part of the Foxfield Preserve family.