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For Funeral Directors

Information for Funeral Directors

Natural burial services can vary greatly from the services that many funeral directors are used to facilitating. It is our hope that this information will answer many common questions to help provide our families with the best possible experience.

Preparations and Containers

All burials require the use of biodegradable containers such as unfinished wooden caskets, cardboard cremations caskets, or burial shrouds. We request that funeral directors ensure all containers are reinforced for ease of transport and handling. Any casket coverings or linings must be made of all-natural fibers, as should the clothing of the deceased. We are not concerned, however, with the use of metal screws or hinges, and buttons or zippers. We permit small pieces of jewelry, within reason.

Coming to Foxfield

When coming to Foxfield for services, it is advised that your party meet first at The Wilderness Center’s main Interpretive Building. Do not trust directions to a GPS navigation system, as our area is frequently incorrectly mapped in their software. The Foxfield steward will meet you and lead your processional to the cemetery. Service vehicles and those with mobility issues will be permitted to drive into the Preserve. All other vehicles should park on the reinforced grass at the edge of the main drive. It is advisable that funeral directors bring an all-wheel drive vehicle when weather is inclement.


At Foxfield we strive to maintain a natural space and setting. We do clear the area of a burial in advance to allow for mourners at the graveside. We will also clear a path leading to the gravesite for the pallbearers. In an extreme case (i.e. during inclement weather) pallbearers may need to carry the casket up to 100 yards. However, pallbearers are normally only called on to carry the casket around 50 feet, at most. The ground is naturally uneven and the location is exposed to all the elements, so it is best for the comfort of all attendees that sensible attire be a priority. The pallbearers will be called on to manually lower the casket into the grave with the lowering straps Foxfield provides. The family will then be given the option of closing the grave with shovels provided by the Preserve.

We are happy to work with our families to fulfill any burial traditions, requirements or wishes. It is our goal to make all of our services as personal and meaningful as possible.