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Types of Memorials

In keeping with the nature preserve philosophy of Foxfield, we want to preserve the natural appearance of the cemetery. Therefore we allow memorials that fall within our specifications. If your family would like to include a memorial, please review our requirements.

Memorial Stones

Foxfield Preserve will accept a variety of natural stone types so long as they preserve the scenic and natural quality of the site. They may not exceed 216 square inches (approximately 12 X 18 inches) in size. They must lay flat or be partially buried and not extend more than 3-inches above the surface of the soil. They should not be polished, and sawed stone should be prepared to appear more natural. They should have natural appearing irregular edges rather than a square-cut appearance.

Only one memorial stone is permitted for each 10 X 20 foot burial site. Stones may be engraved, but must remain simple in appearance (photographs, electronics, sound, etc. are not permitted). Foxfield Preserve may reject/remove memorials that do not
meet the specifications.

View memorial specifications and preferred provider contact information here.

Living Memorials

Many families will forego a stone marker, preferring to plant a living memorial to commemorate their loved one. If this is your preference, please remember that Foxfield Preserve is limited to native species. As many nurseries use the same or similar names for non-native species, it is best to go through Foxfield Preserve or The Wilderness Center to acquire species for planting. Prior approval is required before trees may be planted.

Foxfield Preserve cannot accept ball stock trees with balls weighing more than 75 pounds. Larger, heavier balls require equipment to transport and plant. This equipment would cause unnecessary disturbance to the cemetery. In most cases, smaller trees will achieve a size comparable to larger ball stock trees within a few years.

The annual Native Plant Sale is an appropriate place to purchase native species to plant on the Preserve. Trees are best planted in the spring or fall. A Foxfield Preserve steward will discourage tree planting at other times to increase the likelihood of survival.

View our list of approved species for planting at Foxfield Preserve.


Are you looking for a meaningful way to honor someone you have lost? Making a gift to TWC’s Tree of Life program can honor their life in an impactful way. Each year, the proceeds from Tree of Life gifts support a significant conservation project at TWC. These projects often include planting trees to reforest old fields, provide wildlife habitat, and protect our natural waterways.