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Coming for Services

If you are coming to Foxfield Preserve for services, there are a few things you should know:


Access to the preserve is limited.  Although we have a paved road and parking areas to accommodate approximately 30 vehicles, two-thirds of the preserve is not accessible by automobile.  These areas can be accessed by two walking trails, and although our trails are well maintained, visitors should expect a short walk off trail.  Trail lengths are approximately 1/2 mile and 3/4 mile.

A mowed path will provide access to the gravesite. The ground will be uneven. We will try to accommodate those with mobility issues by allowing limited use of our access roads, or the use of our ATV. However, we cannot always guarantee access of these vehicles to all areas of the Preserve.


Funeral homes and families should plan to provide an adequate number of pallbearers. When choosing pallbearers, please be certain they can lift and carry the casket. Pallbearers are normally only called on to carry the casket around 50 feet, at most. However, in an extreme case (i.e. during inclement weather) pallbearers may need to carry the casket up to 100 yards. Pallbearers will lower the casket into the ground. Pallbearers should be confident in their ability to manage this.


We cannot allow family and friends to dig the grave. However, families may choose to close the grave. Many have found this to be a very powerful experience. Foxfield Preserve staff will be on hand to close the grave if your family chooses not to participate in this aspect of the burial.


Weather conditions vary greatly in northeast Ohio and those attending a burial at the Preserve should dress accordingly.  Winters can be very cold and snowy and summers can be very hot and humid.  Those coming to the Preserve should be prepared for weather extremes as well as wind, rain, and snow.  Bringing a raincoat or umbrella is strongly suggested.  We also suggest wearing appropriate shoes (i.e. sneakers). Avoid wearing high heels or dress shoes. Parts of the Preserve may be muddy during wet times of the year.

Extreme Weather

Foxfield Preserve will make every effort to provide burial in a timely manner, but burial may be delayed under extreme weather conditions.  Snow and ice or significant rains could delay burial.  Delaying burial of unembalmed remains will require refrigeration. This should not be an issue for most funeral homes.

If inclement weather limits access to some areas of the preserve and delays burial, Foxfield Preserve may offer an alternate interment space that is more accessible.