Foxfield Preserve

Imagine returning to the natural cycle, giving yourself back to the earth as generations have for thousands of years. At Foxfield Preserve, we provide natural burials – also known as ‘green burials’ – in harmony with nature.

Foxfield Preserve is a nonprofit cemetery operated by The Wilderness Center, a nonprofit nature center and land conservancy. We were the first nature preserve cemetery in Ohio, and the first in the nation operated by a conservation organization.

IMGP0993At Foxfield Preserve, your loved ones will walk beautiful nature trails as they visit a final resting place in a nature preserve. A conservation burial ground is a place where nature dominates. Functioning as a nature preserve first, we also offer a beautiful final resting place. Instead of a lawn, the land is maintained as forest and prairie. Nature trails provide access to the site, and naturalists are restoring the land to a more natural condition by planting native prairie meadows and reforesting hillsides.

Foxfield Preserve offers an environmental alternative to a modern burial. It allows you to be part of a natural cycle. Your final act will conserve nature, expand wildlife habitat, provide clean air and a cleaner watershed, and establish walking trails.

Your burial at Foxfield Preserve also supports the mission of The Wilderness Center to connect our community with nature, educate people of all ages, and conserve natural resources.